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Work at 24baby

Working on a platform that contributes to healthy pregnancies, happy babies and confident parents, every day.

Collega van 24baby kijkt lachend naar de zijkant en nodigt je uit om te werken bij 24baby

Working for the fastest growing pregnancy app

A small organization with large reach and big plans

It starts with trust

At 24baby, trust is the foundation of everything we do. Honesty and openness are number one. This means that we honor agreements and that you get a lot of flexibility and freedom in your work and responsibilities.

Collega's Selina en Paula van 24baby lachen samen en zorgen voor vertrouwen

A safe environment

We believe that a safe, inclusive work environment is essential. Due to the flat organization there is a lot of room for open communication and constructive feedback, so you can continue to grow.

Collega's Anna en Roos van 24baby zijn buiten aan het werk

Thriving together

Together you achieve more than alone. At 24baby you can continue to develop by following an education or course and share your knowledge with the rest of the team. This is how we learn from and with each other. Together with us you determine your own and our course.

Collega's van 24baby zijn in overleg en komen samen tot bloei


Strategisch Marketingconsultant NL

Are you social, creative and independent and would you like to come up with campaigns for brands that focus on (expectant) mothers?

Check out our vacancy

What we do

We are committed to creating a safe environment for (future) parents. We believe that becoming a mother or father is one of the most beautiful events of your life, which can be challenging and overwhelming as well as beautiful. With reliable information and a caring community, we want to support and connect (future) parents, so they can make a confident start to parenthood.

Work is more than just work


Discover your talents and create your ideal job.


Follow an education or course, share your knowledge and continue to develop.


Good idea? Write a business plan, pitch it and execute.

Who we are

A small team in the heart of Leiden

Lauri Blox-Hanewinckel ( Chief editor NL)

Guards 24baby's content with her life. Writing and perfect spelling get her going. Doesn't put on heels on working days, because that's when we play soccer. Keeps you at the light side. Mom of Evy and Tim, but secretly of all of us.

Eline de Wit (EditorNL)

Former Dutch teacher who is now fully committed as an editor. Knows everything about spelling and structure. Mom of two and therefore also an expert on all the topics she writes about.

Demi van Hutten (Editor NL)

Journalistic with a sharp pen. Has experience with every form of media and therefore always knows how to find the right tone. Happy note in the editorial team. Always in for a nice drink, but writes a complicated article just as easily.

Rozemarijn Thys (Productmanager)

Been there since day 1. Develops the app to the last detail and will take the design right away. Loves to hear your unsalted opinion. Wants the best for people, animals and nature. Mama of Ilja and Ties.

Micky Postma (Community manager)

Keeps our community safe, educational and fun for everyone. Born in Amsterdam with a heart of gold. Hard worker who makes it her mission that everyone feels welcome and seen. Knows how to keep the atmosphere going with a good sense of humor. Proud mom of Lauren.

Fabienne Janssen Lok (Senior Strategisch Marketingconsultant)

Multitasker within Team Campaigns. Types so fast, smoke comes out of her keyboard, but also knows how to set up campaigns at lightning speed. Loves to work together. Is best friends with all her colleagues. Always up to date with the latest (juicy) news.

Dian Munnik (Strategisch Marketingconsultant)

Cheerful girl who achieves results with everything. Tidy, both in personality and in our office. Writes the most beautiful articles and devises the best campaigns, always with a smile. Listens well and knows how to put everyone at ease. Julia's mom.

Jessica van Oorschot (Strategisch Marketingconsultant)

Hard wroker within Team Campaigns. Finished the task before you said it. Has a different haircut every month, but is recognizable by her cheerful smile. Always full of energy to set up the most beautiful campaigns. Mom of Otis and Nate.

Annabelle van Maasakkers (Strategisch Marketingconsultant)

Spontaneous, social colleague with a keen instinct for great brands. Knows almost everyone. Would like to get to know the rest, because a good conversation gives her the most energy. Is happy to think along with you to give a campaign that little bit of extra spice. Emily's mom.

Marleen van Dijk (Chief Editor BE)

Dutch Belgian who works furiously on the Belgian app from Antwerp. Loves her purple 24baby sweater. Bakes the most delicious chocolate cake and effortlessly writes the most fascinating articles. Comes up with the best jokes on team outings. Proud mom of Mira.

Christina Mundt (Chief Editor DE)

A kölsch Mädche with her heart in the right place. Loves to write and be creative. Likes vegetarian sushi and good series. A pleasant evening is just as important to her as me-time. Known as a shopping queen. Loves her son George and dog Luna very much.

Selina Schmid (Editor DE)

Always has a smile on her face. Loves to travel and loves other cultures. Lived in 4 countries. Is a real family person. Makes baby clothes for all the pregnant women in her family and circle of friends. Works hard on the German app, web and community.

Paula Grossman (Editor DE)

Writes the most scientific articles and conducts in-depth research. Does the socials just as easily. Continues working when all colleagues are already having lunch. Always sweet and kind to others. Proud mama of Noah.

Daria Yavorska (Digital Marketing Manager)

Came to her application with a comprehensive marketing plan. So was accepted immediately. As a Ukrainian with an American man, gives an international touch to the team. Ensures that 24baby is known everywhere. Pronounces her name as Dasha, so we do too. Mama of Alfie.

Anna Sommeling (Office Manager)

If you've lost something, Anna knows where to find it. Plans the best outings, supports all colleagues (also emotionally) and just adds the financial administration. Regularly provides lunch with a dose of extra vitamins. Mom of Olivia.

Koen de Bakker (Co-founder & CTO)

Knows everything about SEO. Doesn't mind explaining it to colleagues over and over. Figures and dashboards make his heart beat faster. Avid climber. Old poker king. Only takes the train to continue running. Is the only colleague who can get the printer to work. Proud dad of Jolijn.

Matthijs Aantjes (Co-founder & CEO)

Opportunity spotter and centipede. Accurate to the pixel. Always wants to win, but in a fair way. Literally set up 24baby behind the pram. Now a proud father of three children. Likes to celebrate successes with the team and likes sports. Doesn't like traffic jams.

Our culture

What can you expect at 24baby?

  • Lunch Together. Every day we have lunch together at the bar table. Join the lunch pot and make your sandwich at the office, or bring your own home made meals. When the weather is nice, we enjoy lunch in the courtyard.
  • Go out. We'll go out and get some fresh air together every day. We go for a walk or play a game of soccer. Get out of the office, get some fresh air and start the last few hours with a fresh start.
  • Learn from each other. Every month a different colleague gives a workshop to the rest of the team. This can be anything: from a workshop mindfulness to sharing new insights gained in a training or course.
  • Give and recieve feedback. Our culture is flat and there is no strict hierarchy. All departments and colleagues work closely together and everyone can say anything to each other.
  • Committed colleagues. We care about each other and make sure everyone feels comfortable. We are involved with each other, both on the work floor and beyond.
  • Co-entrepreneurship. Do you see a good opportunity for 24baby or do you have a good idea? Write a business plan and pitch it to the rest of the team. Approved? Execute the plan and start your own project.

Our purpose

To connect and support (future) parents in making a confident start to parenthood through reliable information and a caring community

It starts with trust
Safe environment
Thriving together

Ready for the next step?

Grow with 24baby and contribute to confident (future) parents.